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Our focus is on unique design and delicious taste, using high quality ingredients, often locally sourced, and old family recipes, sometimes with a modern flavour twist. We tend to lighten the sugar in many recipes and in particular our frostings and fillings are about 1/3 as sweet as traditional buttercreams. This allows for more of the actual flavours to come through and not be overpowered by sweetness.

We can also accommodate a wide range of dietary concerns like gluten/dairy/nut-free, vegan, etc. 

As a fully custom bakery, each and every creation is custom designed specifically for you and our goal is to make your special day just that bit more special! 

The sky is the limit for design and even flavours, but some options include:

  • Fondant or buttercream

  • Sugar flowers

  • Gold leaf

  • Mini Cupcakes

  • French macarons, meringues and other pastries or desserts

Share some details about what you'd like to serve on your special day, and we'd be delighted to give you a free quote! Please keep in mind that like most bakeries, wedding season is quite busy and we tend to book up quickly — often 6 months to a year ahead.

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Is your wedding going to be all sparkle and glam or more laid back and easy going? Are you thinking of more pastels colours or bright and bold? The more information you can provide the better idea we have of what you are hoping for.
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We provide a wide array of mini meringues or meringue pops which are perfect as wedding favours.
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We are pleased to offer Tasting Consults where we can chat further about what you are hoping for. You will also be provided with a tasting box with samples of cakes and frostings that you can take home to taste at your leisure.
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